Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment – Why is Under Eye Wrinkling Caused by Ugly Things?

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Under eye wrinkle treatment, if it is to be successful, must address all three forms of under eye wrinkle. But under eye wrinkle treatment that does not address one of these three forms of wrinkle will have little to no effect. There are normally three kinds of under eye wrinkles – namely dynamic wrinkles that are the result of muscle contractions like frowning and smiling; static wrinkles that are due to damage to the skin caused by external environment or aging; and wrinkles that are a combination of the two. Dynamic under eye wrinkles are usually the result of habitual facial expressions. These wrinkles show up when you smile, make facial expressions or do other activities that require you to make these facial expressions.

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Squinting also causes under eye wrinkles but people often mistake it for a sign of good health because under eye wrinkles that are caused due to squinting are actually crow’s feet. Crow’s feet are tiny wrinkles that develop on the surface of the eyes after a person has looked at something far away. This happens because the angle between the eyes is not right and squinting tilts the head. In order to get rid of these tiny wrinkles, the best under eye wrinkle treatment is to sleep with your head tilted to a more comfortable angle. In addition, you should always remember to keep your hands away from your face. If you do, then the UV rays coming from your head will damage your skin.

Other factors that contribute to under eye wrinkles are prolonged exposure to sunlight, smoking and alcohol. You need to keep your eyes protected from sunlight to prevent excessive dryness of the eyes and eventual wrinkles. While smoking and alcohol can cause excessive dryness, cigarette smoke contains hundreds of different toxins that also have drying effects on the eyes. So avoid either smoking or drinking alcohol while you are pregnant. If you can’t quit, then make sure you wear sunglasses and stay away from the golden sun.

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